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                   This page should give you a little information about me, especially my hobbies.
                   The callsign I use on amateur radio is shown in the welcome message above.
                   There are approximately 45,000 radio amateurs in Germany.
                   The idea is to make contacts on HF and esablish friendships all around the world. 

                   A good way to start is to see what look like!

This is me.... mounting my 40m beam.... and sucessfully testing a glider. HI..

Rudi 25kb


                A few details about my station here:  

                 Tower - It's 115 feet high and works very well as a 1/4 wave Lambda for 160m.
                 3 El. WARC band beam for 12, 17 & 30m up about 60 feet
                 3 El. Mono-band beam for 40m up about 100 feet
                 7 El. Tri-band beam for 10, 15 & 20m up about 115 feet

                 Telegraphie allows contacts with low power
                 I'm active on all shortwave amateur radio frequencies.
                 The location here is about 80km east of Muenchen.
                 Grid Locator is JN68JA + DOK - number  C16 OV Traunstein

                with friendly help by: Rosenberger

             Here my favorite links:

               425dxn DX Informations !!
               NG3K Amateur Radio Contest/DXage
               Logbook of the world
               QSL Routs Pathfinder
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